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Applicant Instructions and Notice: If you require assistance or help during our application processes please notify our Human Resource representative. Every effort will be made to accommodate your needs in a reasonable amount of time. Applications are considered active for 30 days. If you have not been hired within 30 days you must complete a new application. This application is intended for use in evaluating your qualification for employment. Incomplete applications will not be processed. False or misleading statements on this application or during the interview are grounds for terminating the application process or if discovered after employment terminating employment. This is not an employment contract. All qualified applications will be given equal consideration without regard to race, sex, marital status, age, creed, religion, national origin, U.S. military status or disability. For the safety of our current and future employees, we intend for this to be an alcohol and drug free workplace. If you are offered employment you will be required to take and pass a drug screen prior to employment. Medical examinations are required of all applicants in certain job categories or when there exists a need to determine whether an employee is still able to perform the essential functions of their job or to determine fitness for duty as required by standards established by federal, state, or local law. Additionally, we conduct a security background check on all candidates who are made a conditional offer of employment. This background check includes a 3-year criminal security check for felonies and misdemeanor convictions.

Please print and fill out the Basic Application, before your interview. Thank you. Basic Application

By clicking submit, I certify that this application was completed by me under my direction and all information within this application is complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand and any misrepresentation in this application will justify cancellation of this application or dismissal if hired. Permission is granted to Austin Trucking Company to verify any state contained in this application.

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